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AMI is tackling the global problem of harmful microbes with a brilliant, simple, killer solution. Using a novel patent-pending technology, AMI wants to make the world safe from the start.
Brilliant Technology

Our brilliant, patent-pending technology binds chlorine at the molecular level, rendering fabrics, rubbers, coatings, and hard surfaces with the disinfecting power of bleach. Treatments won’t wash off or degrade, and killing power is fully renewed with every laundering or cleaning using soap, water, and bleach.

Simple Solution

Our solution is brilliantly simple too. AMI antimicrobial treatments use novel adhesion science, and can be added during manufacture or applied to existing products. Treated surfaces look and feel the same, and contain no toxic chemicals or heavy metals.

Killer of Harmful Microbes

AMI treatments harness the killing power of bleach against harmful pathogens, but in a form that’s safe for healthy tissue. By stopping germs before they spread, our materials and surfaces are making the world “safe from the start.”

AMI’s patent-pending antimicrobial agents have been demonstrated to be effective.