Our Response: “How Safe is Your Beef?”

In the October 2015 edition of Consumer Reports magazine, Andrea Rock’s article “How Safe is Your Beef?” discusses the many channels by which beef can become contaminated and harmful to eat if it’s not cooked properly or if it’s been more seriously contaminated in the life cycle of a cow.

While there’s no equivalent to smart food preparation and cooking foods to the optimal temperature to kill off lingering bacteria, Rock identifies meat processing, and the multiple steps for grinding beef, as risk factors for the contamination of meat.

How does this concern AMI? What is the relationship between AMI and food safety? We have partnered with a local food processing company to improve the cleanliness of their conveyor lines.

While we cannot change the health of animals entering a packaging plant, we have discovered how to incorporate our antimicrobial technology into the plastics in food packaging conveyor systems to create surfaces that are resistant to the spread of harmful microbes. While meat is moving from station to station, our technology doesn’t just stop the spread of microbes from the food. The environment that our technology creates doesn’t allow microbes to grow.

When the conveyor system doesn’t harbor harmful microbes, it eliminates opportunities for cross-contamination.

Our antimicrobial technology can be incorporated in the manufacturing process for conveyor systems, and we’re working with an antimicrobial system that can be applied on site at food packaging plants, where a conveyor system is already installed.

The safety of our food will always be important, and it will always be important to cook our meats properly to ensure any lingering bacteria dies, but we’re excited to have the opportunity to contribute to a safer food processing system.

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