AMI Innovations in Agriculture

Agriculture-3A safe and secure food supply begins on the farm. Healthy animals produce more, cost less to raise, provide a better quality product, and are safer for workers to handle. In addition, reducing exposure to environmental pathogens means less need to treat animals with antibiotic drugs. AMI is working with agriculture equipment manufacturers on novel applications for livestock, dairy, poultry, and aquaculture systems. By infusing our potent antimicrobial technology into products at transmission points where animals feed, bed, breed, and are handled, we can stop the spread of infectious disease within and among herds.

Possible applications in development:

  • Feeding and watering system components
  • Milking equipment
  • Aquaculture filtration systems
  • Breeding areas
  • Bedding
  • Worker uniforms, boot covers, and gloves.

Solutions based on AMI’s patent-pending technology are in the pre-launch stage and are not yet commercially available. FDA and/or EPA compliance is anticipated prior to release for sale in the U.S. Inclusion of data is intended solely to describe our technology and is not intended to be a public health claim.