Our Technology

Brilliant Technology
  • Our brilliant patent-pending technology (developed at the University of South Dakota) is potent because it binds chlorine at the molecular level, infusing fabrics, rubbers, paints, and hard surfaces with the disinfecting power of bleach.
  • Our proprietary compounds and coating methods mean our treatments won’t wash off or degrade throughout the life of the product, and antimicrobial power is fully renewed with every washing using soap and water plus diluted bleach.
  • Our products are safe and stable as demonstrated by extensive testing done by the University of South Dakota.
Simple Solution
  • Our processes are elegantly simple and can be applied to products during manufacture or to existing inventories.
  • Our treatments don’t change the look and feel of regular materials.
  • Our products and processes are environmentally friendly because we do not use heavy metals or toxic chemicals.
  • Our products are cost effective since we rely on advanced manufacturing technology using readily available materials.
Killer of Harmful Microbes
  • Our treatments harness the power of bleach at the molecular level creating antimicrobial surfaces that are effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens.
  • Our technology will not promote new antimicrobial resistant strains of pathogens because we use the power of bleach, an EPA-registered disinfectant used worldwide since 1913.